My name is Robert Medvedz, and I am an artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. The drawings here are painted with sumi-e ink which was made by hand at Kobaien, a small ink shop founded in 1577 in Nara, Japan. As for the subject matter, these drawings were made without preliminary sketching, drawn immediately and automatically with direct ink to paper. I enjoy the direct link to the subconscious that this process allows after years of practice. The structure of the drawings becomes the structure of my thought and vice versa. Drawing becomes a moving meditative state. I've explored many different approaches to creating work and this one in particular has a beauty and balance that has taught me so much about thought itself and opened new frontiers of work for me. They may be difficult for a viewer to take at first, but I enjoy going back to them again and again. There are many layers in a multi-dimensional field and I find something new every time I look. 

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